Creative Media Design Academy


As a result of COVID-19, students will not have access to nearly as many summer programs and summer employment opportunities as they have in prior years. The clear need is for programs to provide learning opportunities, deter them from negative behaviors, and give students an outlet to for positive artistic expression.

UBC will offer the Creative Media Design Academy, a 10-week virtual digital media arts academy for 20–25 youth in Greater Hartford community. Middle and High School youth will get exposure to photography, videography, and graphic design as a way creatively express their thoughts while learning life skills, college readiness skills, leadership development and coping strategies through media arts.

The goals of the program are to;

  1. Strengthen youth’s educational aspirations towards college and careers
  2. Expose youth to digital media experiences and training.
  3. Introduce students to the college and university mentors
  4. Provide employment and leadership development of college students in the community who have lost internships or employment opportunities for the summer.

Program Format

Youth will be selected based on application or referrals from school districts or other youth serving organizations in the community. Once Selected youth will:

  • Participate in six virtual workshops with industry professionals to train them on how to use their phones to capture, edit and prepare media arts presentations and six life skills
  • Explore careers in the digital media arts.
  • Declare a “major” and use their major medium to complete two digital media presentations
  • Assigned to teams based of major and assigned a mentor that is a current college students or recent college graduates that have interest and experience in photography, videography, graphic design to provide both guidance and accountability., and editing.
  • Each youth meets once per week virtually for workshops and once with mentors

Youth will be issued a “Digital Kit” to help with their projects that includes a mobile phone lens and microphone kit, and a subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud Platforms for editing. Youth will have access to a digital media computer lab editing station housed at UBC and two cameras they can check out individually for limited times. Due to social distancing requirements, only one student will be allowing in the digital media lab at a time.

At the conclusion of the program each student will present their digital arts project on resiliency, avoiding violence, and negative behaviors during the COVID19 crisis. These presentations will be judged by community volunteers and featured on social media.

CMDA Schedule