Union Baptist Church

Youth Ministries

Welcome To Union Baptist Church of Hartford’s Youth Ministry


What is FOCUS?

Union Baptist Church Youth Ministry

What Does FOCUS Stand For?

Following Our Christ Unapologetically Saved

Mission: To build a community of youth who are seeking to understand and apply Gods Will, Grace and Love to there daily lives. Click this link to help you read additional.

What do we do at FOCUS?

  • Weekly Teen Bible Studies
  • Weekly Teen Sunday Schools
  • One on one scripture lessons
  • One on one prayer lessons
  • Free or discounted prices on Youth luncheons
  • Access to Monthly activities
  • FOCUS Gear: Hats Visors and T shirts

How Old do you have to be to Join?

13-18 years old

What if I’m a member at another church?

That’s Great, as long as our two churches beliefs are aligned and you have permission from your Pastor and family then you can become an At Large Member

How do I know if my church shares the beliefs of Union Baptist?

Our Pastor and youth director will reach out to your Pastor and family as part of the process.

Sunday School

UBC Sunday School meets every Sunday at 9:00 a.m. in the sanctuary for adults and at approximately 10:30 a.m. for youth after dismissal from the church service. Classes are held down stairs in the education center for children ages 3 to 17; organized lessons are designed to lead disciples to Christ and stimulate spiritual growth.